Writing our Herstory

I want to start by just expressing how much gratitude is in my heart.

This past Saturday was the first of a series of leadership gatherings in which a phenomenal group of women joined together to share and discuss experiences, re-write our stories, and move forward in the energy of the Matriarch. My heart is so full. The Goddess Talks has been brewing for sometime in my soul and now it is birthed.

I want to share with you a bit about what we discussed.

Connecting through our stories, we shine a bright light on the patterns and behaviors that have been taught to us since the Ancient times, we call these Archetypes. Some of these are toxic, leading to many of the circumstances we deal with today. Coming together, identifying the archetypal patterns and stories, we engage in the opportunity to change them. Bringing awareness, choosing to change ourselves, creates a ripple effect in the Universe that others will pick up on.

Yesterday we discussed the Greek Myth of Hera, wife of Zeus, Olympian God and King of Mt. Olympus. This story is not all rainbows so please be aware it may trigger you in some ways. It can be broken down into many different examples of current behaviors we see in today society.

Hera represented the ideal woman and was goddess of marriage and the family, one of the very few deities that remained faithful to her partner and she therefore came to symbolize monogamy and fidelity.

Hera's classic story, told for us for all of time, is that Hera did not want to marry Zeus and stated so many time. He, unable to take no for an answer, turned himself into a wounded bird and landed on her lap knowing that she would care for him. When she did, he turned himself back into his male form and raped her, impregnating her. Hera, feeling the shame and guilt, agreed to marry him.

Zeus would go on to have many affairs and impregnate many more, causing Hera to become jealous, bitter, and angry towards towards not just Zeus, but also the many women and their offspring. She took vengeance out on the other women, cursing them, sabotaging them.

Yet, this was not her true nature. This was who she became after her sovereignty was stolen from her.

We can see here parallels to the same situations we are engaged with today. 
Lack of Consent
Shame & Guilt
Rape Culture
Ill placement of reaction & response - women against women instead of the person causing the problem

This is the story that has been told and retold for generations and it has been embedded in our subconscious in such a way we don't even recognize the source from which it came.

Yesterday, Hera came to us to be seen and heard. I have been working with Hera closely since October when Artemis, my patron Goddess and the illegitimate child of Zeus, passed the torch of leadership to Hera. This signified not only a new cycle in my work with the Goddess, but also how Hera has healed her wounds, moving forward in light and connection with the women on her path.

She shared with us and we wrote the next chapter of her Herstory.

No longer will Hera be a victim of trickery, anger, bitterness, and jealousy.
No longer will WE tell these stories of untruths. 

This is now her story.

Hera is Queen of Mt. Olympus. Healed from her shame & guilt she carried with her for lifetimes because of the actions of Zeus. No longer is she angry with Leto, Artemis, Io, Semele, Callisto, Alkmene, and the many more women who she was turned against in her own hurt.

Hera has taken her pain and circumstance, turned into her power to heal herself, now bringing women together in support, healing, and honor of one another. She gathers us together to speak our experiences, knowing we are not alone, that heals us.

She is the leader of the new feminist, women's Matriarchal movement. A movement that is forgiving, understanding, courageous, and loving. A movement that seeks to educate and transform.

She is being felt and heard in the hearts of women everywhere. 💗

As for Zeus, brothers, his story is for you to heal. Divine Masculine, it is your time. You must look into your ancient stories, archetypes, behaviors, patterns, thoughts and you must step into your healing. The Divine Feminine will hold you, support you, love you, honor you in your process.

This is the first of many stories that will continue to be re-written. 
The Goddesses are appearing to woman everywhere. The Matriarch, the energy, qualities of Feminine Leadership is flourishing. 
We are creating a new reality. 

I am blessed to be a Priestess of the Goddess and share her teachings. I am forever grateful. 
Thank you for being a part of this journey.
It is through connection that we heal.

I am more than just a Light Worker...

Over the past 3 months I have been working with my amazing coach to really deepen into the Goddess Leadership Academy. The programs and offerings have evolved into what I believe will be a catalyst for women taking ownership of their life and responsibility for their future. I believe this because it is exactly what I have done over the past several years and especially in the last three months of having a coach so devoted to seeing my purpose fully expressed.

I discovered something vital about myself and the work I do in the world along the way. The ownership of it has truly aligning me with the women I seek to serve.

What I know now is that I am both a Light Worker and Shadow Walker.

A Light Worker is a person whose purpose and sole intention is to support in the healing of Mother Earth, her creatures, her lands, and her resources. They appear as healers, coaches, shamans, guides, conscious peoples, spiritual mentors and conscious leaders.  They have keen intuition and ability to tap into other realms, receive messages, and support others along their journey towards unity and wholeness within themselves and in relationship with other. Through their work and life journey they awaken others to their light.

A Shadow Walker has many positive and negative connotations attached to it, and as with everything, is up for interpretation, perspective, and new meaning as we cycle into this new expansion of consciousness on Earth.

For me, the term “Shadow Walker” came in a mediation as I was feeling into how it is that I truly support the women that I work with. The message I received was clear, the Goddess Hecate appeared to give it to me.

I am a Lighter Worker who walks in the Shadows with the women who need to rediscover their light that has been submerged under the thick fog of negative, traumatic, and possessive experiences.

I share this with an abundant amount of responsibility and integrity.

I walk with women through their darkness, sharing my light so they may see their truth. I work with them to accept, understand, learn, forgive, and love all parts and aspects of themselves, their experiences.

I believe this is the work I have chosen to come to this Earth in this lifetime to do. I believe this because I first had to do it for myself and know the power that the shadow holds. It was only in walking through my own dark shadows that the veil of thick fog dissipated as I began to know my true identity in this life. The more I sought to know myself the brighter, more radiant my light began to grow.  

I could not know my greatness, feel my light, own my truth, or use my voice until I chose to take an honest look at myself, my behaviors, my experiences, and my heart. It was terrifying to start and took an immense amount of courage in the face of fear to do. It still does every day.

With all of this, I accept fully most of all  that while I am a Light Worker & Shadow Walker, I am first a Human Being seeking simply to navigate this life wholeheartedly, with compassion for self, all beings, creatures, and Mother Earth.

We all have shadows, a veil of fog.
We all have light.
We must learn to walk in both with a loving, kind, compassionate, and forgiving heart.
For we know this life is cyclical, we will be submerged in shadows and emerge in light.
How graceful that cycle depends on a willingness to walk through it with awareness and trust.

New Moon, Deep Emotion, & the Goddess to Get Us Through

Emotions have been running high these past few weeks as Pisces energy took full force. Experiences that we may have thought we worked through are suddenly surfacing and the emotions are coming up with it. These can be intense, especially  if you are a water sign, and even more so if your a Pisces Sun. You may find yourself reacting out of your emotions, getting worked up easily, or  feeling generally unbalanced. 

Pisces is the most intuitive of the signs with a natural understanding for the wisdom and cycles of life. This energy is concerned for the greater and higher good of all and as such, you may find that you are emotionally connecting yourself to others around you, a traditional quality of Pisces. Be aware of what is yours, and what is not. This sign easily falls into victim and martyr patterns when not observant of ones own actions, emotions, & behaviors. 

During this time, we are offered a space of solitude and exploration within our own imagination. Do some intuitive self work. While the sky is still dark, before the first slice of silver moon peaks out, take the time to reflect on what is surfacing for you. Connect with your heart, listen to your thoughts, dreams, desires. Let your mind play in the dreamscape of your inner psyche. This is the realm of Pisces. Notice what stories are coming up and inquire to the greater lesson. How can you use this information to bring you closer to your desires for self, life? 

Express your awareness through an artistic endeavor - paint, sing, dance, draw, create! Let your emotions flow through beauty. 

And remember, a Goddess always has your back. 

Kuan Yin, Celestial Bodhisattva, a human girl on the threshold of enlightenment, chose not to enter the heavenly realm, instead vowed to stay with the beings of Earth until all are deemed Holy and suffering subsides. 

Her devotion is compassion, offering her blessings to every person who prays to her. Answering every call. 
You can find her standing on a lotus floating across the ocean holding willows in one hand and a vase filled with sweet dew, the water of compassion in the other. Kuan Yin is connected to the watery realms and calling on her for compassion and healing while you step into your personal reflections will aid you in finding peace and clarity. 

For this New Moon in Pisces, I invite you into a gentle mediation and journal ritual: 
You will need a small bowl of water, a pen, journal, gentle music, and a sacred space where you can be alone. 
*optional rose quartz crystal 

Light the candles, put on gentle music, close your eyes. 
Sit comfortably with a straight spine.
Begin to breathe deeply in through the nose out through the mouth for 5 rounds. 
Return to normal breathing. 
Speak out Kuan Yins name three times.
Have your right hand, palm up to receive energy.
Take your left fingertips and place them in the bowl of water with the rose quartz crystal.
Reflect on your day, week, month. Tap into your emotional body. 
What stories arise, what thoughts, dreams, desires. 
Let them come up and move through them.
Give yourself permission to feel all of the emotions the surface. 
Notice your fears and anxieties.
Ask Kuan Yin to free you from these. Offer her your devotion.
Say her name 3 times. 
Draw in a deep inhale, exhale out of the mouth. 
Continue to breathe deeply until you feel complete. 
Gently open your eyes. 

Journal about your experience - let everything that surfaces be written down. Let it out of the body.
Call on Kuan Yin whenever you seek compassion or help in rising above your fears. 
She will answer. 

Use the energy of this new moon to connect with yourself and the Goddess. 
Let your imagination be free and your emotions clear out. 

If you found this information useful or enjoyed the ritual, please leave me a comment below. 
I would love to connect with you. 

Blessed be, 
Sharon Rose 

Practical Magic

This past few weeks have been ones of cosmic integrity. 

We had the Full Moon in Virgo, offering a logistical, practical approach to making decisions and taking action that is more grounded in goals/values. At the same time, the Sun and Mercury RX (retrograde) shadow period moved into Pisces. Pisces is the most dreamy of all of the signs, giving us the space to dwell deep in our intuition/inner psych, exploring our inner being/desires. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, moved from Pisces into Aires, a fiery actionable zodiac that is going to be shaking things up over the next several years but especially right now as we learn to integrate this new energy.

I found all of these cosmic energies present in my week. 
I found myself making different choices (big & small) that are more in alignment with the version of myself I am seeking to become.

My focus is on living out of total truthfulness and integrity. Opportunities rise to test this every day.

Last week, I was half way home before realizing I left the healthy dinner ingredients in the fridge at work. In my head I went back and forth for a block deciding if I should go back or just get burritos. I know my body is asking for better nutrition and eating habits. Out of the norm, I went back and picked up the dinner from work. I felt something shift in side of me as soon as I turned back. This little action put me more in integrity with myself, my values, and my goals. I felt a sense of contentment and peace wash over me. 

On the drive home, I found myself visualizing this future of possibility, opportunities, and experiences that I am ready to have. I had to come to terms with the fact that in order to do anything of the things i'm being guided to, something would need to be released to create more space and time. I knew this was coming, I just didn't want to think about when it would happen.

I have a history of staying in jobs, relationships, experiences much longer than I should. Feelings of disloyalty and abandonment rise. I have always preferred to try to protect others while spiraling myself into chaos. This is something that is now shifted because it absolutely had too.

Last Monday, I walked into work knowing that I would be having an important conversation. This was scary and something I thought was going to be hard. I still knew that I had to do it, and I did so knowing that the energy of the Virgo/Pisces comic alignment was on my side. I had to make this logistical/practical choice to continue to journey into my purposeful experience in this life. I made the decision to re-create my position and cut my hours in half aka cut my income in half. I didn't know if it was possible, it was just what I decided I needed. I asked the Goddess to support me in using my voice, to let the conversation be easy, and to let the outcome be what was for the greater and higher good of all involved.

Fears were there the whole time, my inner voice was telling me not to do it because benefits, money, etc.... I've come to realize I don't think those thoughts every go away. My truth has just grown louder than the fear. I checked my email, finding a sign from the Universe supporting the decision. I had the conversation in the next 10 minutes. My voice was strong, my energy was lifted, and the choice fully supported by the team.

Being in integrity with what I knew I needed in my job, taking action, and trusting myself helped me to break a cycle of living out of fear of abandoning and being disloyal to those who have supported me. 

After the conversation, I felt a weight lifted, a total sense of relief. My heart and soul were dancing knowing that I would have more time to be and become. This decision put me in higher integrity with my goals for the Goddess Leadership Academy and my personal life. 

My intuition guided me, the Goddess protected me. Virgo, Pisces, Mercury, and Chiron all were there cheering me on. 

Trust and Faith are what move me through each time a decision is to be made and each time it's getting a little bit easier. The integration of the higher realms guidance with the intentional decisions made in this human experience, for me, this is a space of Practical Magic. 

What would it look like for you to choose to be in alignment, more in integrity? To let the magic in and trust in yourself? To take practical steps in the direction of your dreams?

I'd love to know. I'd love to hear your stories. If you're open, please share. Our stories are what remind us were all connected.